Gua Sha Corps Orange





1. More efficient Gu Sha: Increasing the area covered by the scraping board can quickly complete a large area of Gu Sha. It is suitable for scraping on the back, legs, abdomen, etc.

2.More economical choice: made of natural resin, more durable and anti-falling than jade. No need to repeat purchases.

3.In-depth muscle massage: The anti-bow arc design allows the massage to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue, relax and break down muscle clumps and cellulite.

4.Easy to hold and hold: Hollow design, fingers can easily reach into and hold. Avoid too small a scraping board, which may cause your fingers to become stiff and tired.

5.Lightweight, smooth and portable: polished and smooth resin material, lighter than metal jade, and equipped with a beam opening storage bag, which is convenient to carry. Gua Sha can be scraped at any time to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


Size:  Pink about 11*21 cm

        Orange about 8*18 cm

        Green about 8*18 cm

Packing list: Gua Sha board *1

                   Storage bag *1

Material: beeswax resin





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